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Your language ability is “inbuilt”, you just need the right method and right amount of effort to “install” it properly.

A Message From Us

Welcome to Janus Academy!

I’m Audrey – the principal and founder of the school.

Humans have been learning foreign languages since the beginning of civilisation and many methods have been created over the centuries. But just because a particular method is more popular, or has been around for longer, does not necessarily make it better!

We are a modern language school that aims to help people of all ages learn languages using innovative methods, and appreciate them as living organisms rather than just academic subjects. With the help of smartphones, software and of course, the Internet, our method will help you to acquire any language with ease and start speaking from day one. 

Why did I start this school immediately after my graduation?

It all began because I “accidentally” learnt Japanese during my university years (my friends consider me near-native, and I have passed JLPT Level 1). But the amazing thing is that I did this without attending a single classroom lesson, but by watching popular Japanese shows and conversing with friends who were native-speakers.

When I compared it with my arduous English learning journey – which was done the traditional way, studying the language as a joyless school subject, with heavy emphasis on grammar rules, etc. – my “accidental method” of learning Japanese took a much shorter time and was far more enjoyable. I eventually realized that, not only were memorising things like conjugation, grammar, etc. NOT a pre-requisite for achieving fluent communication, they even impeded my ability to speak and communicate properly, which in turn slowed down my progress. 

This is why I decided to found Janus Academy – to make a difference in the field of language learning, and to help more people realise their real potential when it comes to learning new languages by developing methods to minimise stress/frustration and maximise results. .  

I have literally taught hundreds of students over the years, and trust me when I say that everyone of us has the ability to acquire new languages “pre-installed” in our “operating system”: you just need the right method and right amount of effort to find and run that “program”. 

Language learning is a journey. Let us help you learn to enjoy it.



*Janus Academy is a member company of JAIE Group Pte. Ltd.

Online Presence

Since establishment, we have focused mainly on classroom based teaching and language immersion trips in Singapore.

  • From 2019, we started to post on social media platforms including Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok and Facebook, with the aim of creating an online presence and helping more students worldwide. 
  • Now you can enrol in our online courses and learn at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

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