Japanese Course


At Janus Academy, our native and bilingual Japanese teachers encourage young learners of 5 to 18 years olds to pick up the language in a natural way, just like how they acquire their native language by listening and repeating with minimum grammar.

The students will learn all four components of the language – listening, speaking, reading and writing, just like the native Japanese children, but with bite size learning material.

Class Levels
Level Age Duration Content
Kinder 5 ~ 7 Ongoing Hiragana, Katakana, Daily conversation and Japanese kindergarten topics. To give plenty of exposure and build a solid foundation in the Japanese language.
Level 1 7 ~ 18 15 hours Numbers, time, price, date and basic sentence structures
Level 2 7 ~ 18 20 hours Family,  more advanced daily conversation and basic verbs and tenses
Level 3 7 ~ 18 30 hours More advanced expressions (want, need and ask for permission). Introduction to tenses, adjectives, comparison, verb conjugation. Introduction to Japanese Kanji (traditional Chinese characters).
Level 4 7 ~ 18 30 hours Learn to ask permission, express opinion, reported speech and more verb conjugation
Level 5 7 ~ 18 30 hours Learn to give advice, invitation and ask more advanced questions.
Level 6 7 ~ 18 30 hours Passive and active voice, expressions of possibility. Polite expressions.
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