Adult Language Courses



All our adult language courses have been designed by professional, well qualified native teachers with practical learning objectives linked to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The course levels range from beginner all the way to advanced, students will be given a level check before enrolment to ensure the appropriateness of the difficulty level.



* The diagram shows the progressive feature of the CEFR.

CEFR Language proficiency TOEIC TOEFL iBT
  • Able to do simple self-introduction
  • Able to understand if the speaker talks slowly
  • Able to understand and use simple daily conversations
—- —-
  • Able to describe one’s recent updates
  • Able to understand personal information, shopping, local area, work or other topics which are directly linked to daily life
  • Able to write simple memos and messages
225 —-
  • Able to understand daily topics about work, school, entertainment, etc.
  • Able to deal with languages required during overseas trips
  • Able to construct simple compositions
550 57
  • Able to understand and make use of complicated topics or passages, including industry specific topics.
  • Able to converse fluently
  • Able to write narrative, argumentative, descriptive essays
750 87
  • Able to understand complicated passages correctly
  • Able to choose appropriate vocabularies and expressions during conversation
  • Able to use fluent and good language in daily life, professional area or workplace
  • Able to express one’s own opinion and construct long essays
880 110
  • Able to understand very complicated passages without difficulties
  • Able to converse fluently using various expressions
  • Able to write complicated report, book review, etc.
950 —-