About Lessons Conducted in Singapore

We offer small group and private face to face lessons in Janus Academy Singapore. 

For group classes, our classes usually follow a textbook or curriculum written by our own teachers. This is to ensure that every student could be “on the same page” through selfstudy or attend a makeup lesson if she/he misses a lesson or two. 

For private classes, if the student is an adult, we usually discuss with her/him during the initial trial/consultation session to decide on learning material. It can either be a fixed textbook, customised material or a mixture of both. 

All our teachers are either native or highly fluent in the language they are teaching. In some cases we assign teachers who are highly fluent in the target language with good English command to better help the beginner students. 

For group and private classes, cancellation is free as long as the students could inform us at least 24 hours before the class time. We only charge for same-day cancellation and no-show cases. 

We recommend all our students to finish their term as suggested as language learning requires consistency. However, in some rare cases, we do give lesson break up to 6 months. 

We have many expatriate families studying with us over the years. We understand totally about sudden and unexpected relocation orders by the company. In this case, you can choose to transfer the remaining credits to your friends who are interested to join our school. 

For group classes, if two or more students are absent for any lesson, a makeup lesson could be arranged for them together within the same week provided both the students and the teacher are available. 

For private class, the lesson schedule is relatively flexible. The student and the teacher could arrange their makeup lesson according to their available day and time. 

Our community

Do you know that more than 80% of our classroom learning students are from expatriate families living in Singapore? Their nationalities include Japan, China, the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, India, the Netherlands, Russia…

That’s why all our teachers have been well adapted to teaching the target language as a foreign language  over the years. 

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